SNDR’s Condor at 10.4 months old wins Color Champion for the white male class at the Kentucky Classic.

Two classes of juveniles, one class of yearlings, and one class of 2 years and older were competing in the white male class.  33 white males competed in the class, 20 juveniles, 12 yearlings, and 1 two-year-old & older.  Some of the sires represented for the other males were Accoyo America Prometheus, Victor’s Hemiaccoyo Casanova, El Nino’s Maximus, Accoyo America Sinbad, Maple Brook Bravado, and Snowmass White Gold.

Condor won his Juvenile class without much problem.  The judge looked at the juveniles in the class and placed Condor first without hesitation.  Condor waited in his pen with little or no concern until the white championship was ready to proceed.  After some stage fright entering the ring he proceeded to his position and was ready to be reviewed.  The judge looked at all the first place whites and then came back to Condor and reviewed him again.  Condor was awarded Color Champion without hesitation.