13 09, 2016

Camelid Plasma


Camelid Plasma for when you cria does not get the colostrum Triple J Farms, Kent Labs 360 398-8641     Hours 8am-6pm PST Monday - Thursday

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27 06, 2016

Good Food in Albuquerque, New Mexico


This list of recommended restaurants is based on my wife’s and my personnel taste. I’m not going to bad mouth eateries. If we don’t like them we won’t list them. AMERICAN ABQ Brew Pub for a really good green chile cheeseburger. All the ingredients in this burger is top quality. Cost was 12 dollars and [...]

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27 06, 2016

Colorado State University, Veterinary Teaching Hospital


Link This veterinary Teaching Hospital has vets that will talk to you for assistance. Call 970-297-4471 after 9:00 AM Mountain Time days only for large animal assistance.   If you find this site helpful, please inform us by e-mail.

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