Well we just got back from the Phoenix show with great results.

The SWRAS show was a great success for our ranch and the state of New Mexico. I believe that three other ranches were present at the show also. These ranches all represented New Mexico extremely well. Alpacaworks, Que Sera Alpacas and Rancho Meluca Alpacas were represented at this show also. A new show change this year is to have the group classes on Saturday afternoon. This is to get more attention to the group classes.

Our first group entry class was the “Huacaya Produce of Dam”. Our entry consisted of SNDR’s Condor and SNDR’s Juliet (obviously Condors half sister), representing “Justinian’s Jolie Madame” a great ultra dense female with Caligula and Vengador as linage. The head style is not identical but the fiber character is close to the same. We took FIRST PLACE with these two great offspring. This was just the start of a phenomenal run

The second group class that we entered was “Huacaya Breed and Owned Yearling”, SNDR’s Condor was our entry. Condor is a strong male that has fine, consistent bundled fiber with great character. We took FIRST PLACE.

The third class we entered was “Huacaya Breeders Best Three”, SNDR’s Condor, SNDR’s Enterprise, and SNDR’s Juliet were the three animals selected. The new entry to the group classes was Enterprise. He is a fine male that carries a distinguished blanket with a lot of the attributes of his sire, PNA Poseidon’s Apolo. We took FIRST PLACE in this class also with these three ultra fine dense alpacas.

These three wins made Cheryl and me very happy. It isn’t every day that we could sweep every group class we entered. The comments for Condor were great and worth remembering. “If there was such a thing as a perfect alpaca this is as close to it as you can get”, “he is uniform from his head to his hocks”. The comments by the judges were fantastic, “good breeding program”, “as close as your going to get to perfect”, “good fineness”, and more.

Next up in class was our brown boy “SNDR Valentino’s Storm Chaser“. He placed FOURTH in his class. His heritage is Aladdin, Altair, Demetrio, and Dracula.

Next was “Apolo’s Matteo”, a PNA Poseidon’s Apolo offspring, owned by Luca and Melinda Tossani of Rancho Meluca Alpacas. He is a Medium Fawn Huacaya Male. He placed FIRST in his class and competed for the COLOR CHAMPIONSHIP. He got the RESERVE COLOR CHAMPION. This 8.6 month old boy for his first show did spectacular. This boy has a lot of character and fineness and knew what to do with it. His blanket is superb caring a long staple length. His face is like a teddy bear with nose, ears, and eyes darker brown.

Next up was “SNDR Eagle’s Juliet”, She is a White juvenile Female Huacaya that will knock your socks off. She placed FIRST in her class. Juliet is an ultra fine, crimpy, bundled girl that carries her mothers head. Her heritage is Vengador, Accoyo Godfather, Caligula and Corapuna all strong charactered animals that bring a lot to the table.

Next up was “SNDR’s LEE”, He competed in the Juvenile White Male Huacaya Class. This little boy placed THIRD in his class. He carries a fine small crimpy style ultra fine blanket. LEE’s heritage is 4Peruvian Legacy (Sire), and Elite. He should improve with his first shearing.

Last, but not by any means least, was SNDR Apolo’s Enterprise and SNDR’s Condor, both in the same Huacaya White Yearling Class. Enterprise placed THIRD and Condor Placed FIRST. Condor proceeded to the championship round. Condor won the COLOR CHAMPIONSHIP. Condor is the man, his accolades were numerous and profound. Consistence, fineness, and confirmation were some of his praises. Enterprise lost in fineness to condor and placed third.


  • “Huacaya Produce of Dam”                                     FIRST PLACE
  • “Huacaya Breed and Owned Yearling”                   FIRST PLACE
  • “Huacaya Breeders Best Three”                             FIRST PLACE
  • “Huacaya Medium Brown Juvenile”                        FOURTH PLACE
  • “Huacaya White Female Juvenile”                          FIRST PLACE
  • “Huacaya White Male Juvenile”                               THIRD PLACE
  • “Huacaya White Male Yearling”                               THIRD PLACE
  • “Huacaya White Male Yearling”                               FIRST PLACE
  • “Huacaya White Color Championship”                   COLOR CHAMPION